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How We’re Building The World’s Most Important Retail & Ecommerce Events

Shoptalk 2019: A Smarter Way to Conference

As Shoptalk gears up for its fifth show, we continue to set new standards for the industry and break new ground with our agenda and onsite programs. We’re thrilled to announce our preliminary agenda and our first 100+ speakers.

Shoptalk Announces Its Final 2018 Agenda

Today we released our final 2018 agenda, including 300+ world-class speakers across 100+ sessions. Our roster of speakers is unprecedented and includes a diverse group of executives--below are some statistics that showcase our lineup.

24 Exciting Tech Companies We'll Feature at Shoptalk Europe

We’re excited to showcase 24 cutting-edge technology companies from around the globe on our Emerging Technologies Spotlight track at Shoptalk Europe next week in Copenhagen. Fourteen countries, including 11 in Europe, will be represented in these sessions.

Announcing Shoptalk’s 2018 Preliminary Agenda

We’re thrilled to release Shoptalk's 2018 Preliminary Agenda, and excited to continue our mission to empower the retail and ecommerce ecosystem. Below are just some of the highlights of our groundbreaking preliminary agenda, which you can download here.

A Summary of Our 200+ Speakers at Shoptalk Europe

Back in May, we profiled our first 100 speakers at Shoptalk Europe (October 9-11, 2017 in Copenhagen). We’re now finalizing our speaker lineup for the event--we’re currently well over 200 speakers and adding just a few more to round out the agenda. We’re honored to have an incredible set of speakers that includes over 100 CEOs and represents over 25 countries.

New for Shoptalk 2018: In a Rapidly Digitizing World, Less Isn’t More. More is More!

Shoptalk is a catalyst for the digitization of retail and ecommerce. For more than 2 years, we’ve led the industry dialogue and defined the community of innovators. We’re excited to continue our mission into 2018 with three new categories of opportunities and experiences: (1) Global Coverage, (2) Grocerytalk and (3) Growth and Curation.

Our First 100 Shoptalk Europe Speakers: An Amazing Lineup of European and Global Leaders, Including 50+ CEOs

With less than five months to go until our inaugural Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen, we’ve been heads down building a new agenda and recruiting an incredible set of speakers. A total of 250 speakers will be confirmed by the time of the event (October 9-11, 2017). These speakers will represent a cross-section of countries and companies and will not be centered around any single region or ecosystem. Indeed, we chose Copenhagen for that exact reason: A show in Berlin runs the risk of being too focused on German innovation, for example; one in London can easily become too UK-centric.

Now is the Time, Shoptalk is the Place

When Shoptalk launched in 2015, the need for an entirely new retail and ecommerce industry narrative and community premised on disruptive innovation was not as obvious as it is today. By remaining firmly committed for more than two years to our mission to lead the development of a modern industry dialogue that includes all the right organizations and people, Shoptalk has become a widely accepted and critical part of the rapidly changing retail and ecommerce ecosystem.

My Shoptalk 2017 Opening Remarks

Our goal is for Shoptalk to be a catalyst for the growth and development of an increasingly complex retail and ecommerce ecosystem as it continues through a period of profound change. The event is designed to help you answer the hard questions about new technologies, trends and business models that are transforming commerce and that you must now address to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Retailers & Brands: Your Cheese Has Moved. Find it at Shoptalk.

Who Moved My Cheese? is a well known business book that was on the New York Times business bestseller list for five years, sold more than 26 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 37 languages. First published in 1998, its basic premise is more applicable now than ever, with particular relevance to the current and ongoing changes in retail and ecommerce.

Innovative Commerce Technologies: 10 Startups to Check Out at Shoptalk

We recently highlighted 16 startups with new consumer-facing business models and products that will be speaking at Shoptalk in Las Vegas on March 19-22. This week we showcase 10 startups on the agenda that are bringing exciting new technologies to market.

Innovative Business Models & Products: 16 Startups to Check Out at Shoptalk

With just one month until Shoptalk, we’ve published our final agenda and have an incredible lineup of 300+ speakers, including 130+ CEOs. Below we highlight 16 exciting early-stage companies whose CEOs will join us on stage to discuss how they’re challenging traditional players with innovative new business models and products.

Creating The First Large Pan-European Event For Innovation In Retail & Ecommerce: Shoptalk Europe

Retail and ecommerce are changing globally. New technologies, trends and business models are rapidly transforming the way people discover, shop and buy all of their physical goods, from grocery to fashion and everything in between.

The Origins of Shoptalk’s Heretics Program

We’re thrilled to launch the Shoptalk Heretics Program, which recognizes individuals from established retailers, brands and other select organizations, who champion disruptive innovation, ranging from groundbreaking partnerships and technologies to new consumer propositions. These individuals boldly go against the status quo to get through processes to innovate.

Announcing 150+ Shoptalk Speakers &Last Week to Save on Registration in 2016

With just over four months to 2017’s Shoptalk, we’re thrilled to announce our first 150+ speakers. And once again, it’s the industry’s best speaker lineup, comprised of 50% CEOs and 22% other C-level executives. About 62% of our speakers are from consumer brands and retailers, of which 55% are venture-backed startups and 45% are established companies. The startups speaking at Shoptalk have raised almost $5 billion in funding to disrupt traditional retail and ecommerce.

Announcing SHOPTALK EUROPE to be Held on Oct. 9-11, 2017 in Copenhagen

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Shoptalk Europe today. Similar to its U.S. counterpart, Shoptalk Europe will cover the evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy, and bring together leaders from established retailers and brands, disruptive startups, leading tech and Internet companies, prolific venture capital investors and other key stakeholders. Shoptalk Europe will focus on the trends and technologies disrupting retail and ecommerce throughout Europe, but also incorporate important global perspectives. Shoptalk Europe will be held at The Bella Center in Copenhagen on October 9-11, 2017, following the Shoptalk U.S. event, which will take place at the Aria in Las Vegas on March 19-22, 2017.

What’s New for Shoptalk 2017: Registration Now Live!

2016’s Shoptalk took place just eight weeks ago and since then, we’ve been hard at work putting together our next event. Shoptalk 2017 is scheduled for March 19-22, 2017—that’s two months earlier in the year to avoid overlapping with Q1 earnings season.

Shoptalk Demographics: A Look At Who’s Coming

We just put out a press release today outlining the current Shoptalk attendee demographics—we also announced we’re expanding our capacity to include an additional 350 attendees at the event, bringing our total to 2,750 people in our first year.

Introducing Shoptalk Startup Pitch

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be showcasing a series of exciting early-stage companies as part of Startup Pitch this year. Startup Pitch will be held from 10:00am-12:10pm on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

Shoptalk Final Agenda Released & 225+ Speakers Announced

Today we reached an important milestone—we released the final Shoptalk agenda and announced our latest round of new speakers (see press release). With less than 10 weeks until Shoptalk kicks off in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 15th, we wanted to share an update.

90 Days To Shoptalk And Counting

We're counting down days until the big event, and this week we hit the milestone of 90 days until Shoptalk kicks off. A quick summary of where we stand.

Shoptalk Update: The First 60 Days Since Launch

Having launched Shoptalk to the public just two months ago, we wanted to provide an update on our progress as we embark on a mission to build a groundbreaking new event for nextgen commerce.

Announcing My New Venture

While Shoptalk is the seventh business I’ve started, it’s more than just another company. It’s a much-needed platform and catalyst—in the form of an annual event—for the commerce ecosystem, enabling key stakeholders to evolve as consumers fundamentally transform how they discover, shop and buy almost everything.

Building The Next Generation Of Commerce

Today we launched Shoptalk, a new event that will explore the next generation of commerce. After over seven years at Forrester looking at global commerce trends, I’m thrilled to have joined Shoptalk to head up content for the show.