We’re excited to showcase 24 cutting-edge technology companies from around the globe on our Emerging Technologies Spotlight track at Shoptalk Europe next week in Copenhagen. Fourteen countries, including 11 in Europe, will be represented in these sessions.

Each selected company’s solution and value proposition helps retailers with either (1) Acquiring and Retaining New Customers, or (2) Optimizing Ecommerce and Stores. Here’s a look at these companies as an introduction to the Emerging Technologies Spotlight track:

Acquiring and Retaining Customers

Innovative technology companies are helping retailers acquire customers by creating new ways to search and discover. Israel’s Syte.ai’s visual search technology combines machine learning and artificial intelligence, providing a new way for shoppers to find and buy fashion. And Ireland’s Voysis is bringing voice search capabilities to retailers’ websites and apps through its AI-based platform.

This track will also highlight use cases of artificial intelligence beyond search. Israel’s Voyager Labs is using AI and deep learning to extract real-time insights from unstructured data, which it then leverages to personalize the shopping experience. Pixoneye, also from Israel, offers a solution that uses AI and computer vision to analyze consumers' mobile phone galleries and provide tailored product recommendations. And U.S.-based tech titan Salesforce is expanding the capabilities of its Einstein AI solution to help retailers improve both the commerce and marketing customer experience.

Providing top-notch customer service remains a priority for retailers. Through its live shopping and conversational commerce tool, UK-based Hero connects store employees with ecommerce shoppers, allowing retailers and store associates to leverage their knowledge and deliver a more engaging online experience for customers. SMARTASSISTANT, based in Austria, provides digital advice and guided selling solutions that engage customers and help them choose the right product. Denmark’s Zendesk will share how its latest product is arming retailers to help them best assist customers online or enable shoppers to get assistance from its AI-powered chatbot.

Another way to engage shoppers is through the use of engaging imagery. Sweden’s LOOKLET will demonstrate how its technology streamlines the creation of product photos, and how its software can be used to create personalized fashion images for individual shoppers.

Smartly.io, a Finland-based software provider, will discuss how it helps brands and retailers automate and optimize their Facebook advertising, and UK-based Ecrebo will demonstrate how its technology--which delivers targeted marketing messages to shoppers at the point of sale--can drive repeat purchases and build brand loyalty. Ireland’s Profitero will round out this track by showing how retailers can use its ecommerce analytics software to convert customers with the right assortment and prices.

Optimizing Ecommerce and Stores

Businesses are also looking for ways to boost their profitability and make the shopping experience more efficient. Two companies featured on this track are helping retailers achieve those goals by eliminating one of shoppers’ biggest complaints: inefficient checkout processes. Ireland’s Everseen uses video cameras and sensors to track which items shoppers are adding to their baskets, and automatically charges them as they exit the store. Israel’s kwik promises a seamless in-home ordering solution via connected buttons that enable one-touch repeat purchases.

Retailers are also looking for ways to meet consumers’ insatiable demand for fast delivery. UK-based what3words cuts down fulfillment times via its innovative addressing system, which gives drivers three words to describe a drop off point. And Quiqup, also from the UK, will discuss its on-demand delivery innovation.

This track will also feature three companies that are helping retailers translate data into actionable insights: Spain’s Nextail, whose software uses analytics, artificial intelligence and algorithms based on the fast-fashion industry to optimize retailers’ inventory allocation; Portugal’s Inovretail, whose predictive analytics solution helps retailers forecast metrics such as the impact of promotions on sales; and UK-based YOOBIC, whose mobile platform allows brands and retailers to monitor their in-store merchandising in real time to ensure that best practices are being followed.

VTEX, a Brazil-based commerce platform, will share how it helps brands and retailers operate a unified, global online business, and Germany’s Styla will demonstrate how its software uses machine learning to automate the content and design that appears on brands and retailers’ websites and marketing emails.

Switzerland’s Scandit and France’s Augment will show how augmented reality can help retailers streamline backend processes. Scandit’s barcode scanning software turns mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices into scanning devices by using AR to superimpose product information, including images, on physical goods so that inventory in stockrooms is easily and accurately identified. Augment uses AR to help retailers and manufacturers visualize product displays, eliminating both the cost and time of traditional merchandising processes.

Finally, Israel’s feelter will discuss how its technology aggregates and filters relevant social media content to provide shoppers with authentic product reviews directly on a retailer’s website.

We look forward to showcasing all of these exciting new technologies at Shoptalk Europe, which kicks off Oct. 8--we can’t wait to see you there! And for those of you interested in applying to present on our Disruptive Technologies and Pioneering Brands track at the U.S. event in March 2018, we encourage you to submit an application here.