Today we launched Shoptalk, a new event that will explore the next generation of commerce. After over seven years at Forrester looking at global commerce trends, I’m thrilled to have joined Shoptalk to head up content for the show. A few words on what we’re doing and why it’s exciting:

It’s founded by the team behind Money20/20. I joined a small team of entrepreneurs here at Shoptalk. The founders — Anil Aggarwal and Jon Weiner —built several successful companies and also launched Money20/20, the world’s largest FinTech event. In its fourth year, Money20/20 has over 500 speakers and 10,000 attendees, of which 35% are C-level executives. We aim to have a similar senior-level audience and set of speakers at Shoptalk, and we’re well on our way.

Our goal is not to focus on tactical or short-term concerns. Many of today’s conversations on commerce center around the most tactical components: what it will take to roll out new omnichannel offerings; how to identify the internal hurdles that can derail your digital ambitions. Shoptalk is different. Our goal is not to highlight what’s happening today, but rather to look at the future of commerce and the forces that will shape it. Incremental innovation is important, but too often it has distracted companies from the trends that will have a profound impact on how we discover, shop and buy.

We see disruption coming from a wide range of industries… Nearly all companies benchmark themselves against direct competitors and leaders in their space. Yet innovation comes from all different types of players, and commerce is a theme that crosses multiple industries. Shoptalk will bring together leaders from a wide range of industries — including real estate, restaurants, retail and travel — to discuss how consumers’ buying habits are changing at the core.

…and from a broad set of players. Twenty years ago, the growth of the Internet spawned new businesses that altered the face of shopping forever. Today, a new set of trends — from the explosion of mobile to falling technology costs — are laying the groundwork for the next generation of commerce. And just as we saw in the past, new players are fundamentally changing how we consume products and services. Shoptalk will bring together leaders from established industries as well as startups that are building the next generation of commerce in Silicon Valley, New York and beyond. We’ll also hear from prominent venture capitalists and the investment community on what they see in the next wave of commerce innovation.

Commerce trends are now inherently global. Today’s commerce trends rarely remain isolated to a single market — instead, they tend to spread globally at a rapid pace. Business models based on collaborative consumption and on-demand services, for example, have taken root the world over, with startups from London to Lagos changing how people shop online. At Shoptalk, we’ll cover the trends that will impact the world of commerce and discuss how to compete in an era of increasingly borderless shopping.

We look forward to seeing you in May!