We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be showcasing a series of exciting early-stage companies as part of Startup Pitch this year. Startup Pitch will be held from 10:00am-12:10pm on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 – here’s what you can expect:

15 innovative companies
Our line-up includes 15 companies with a variety of new business models and technologies. From startups that take recommerce to the next level to those creating new commerce platforms, and from augmented reality to psychology-based product recommendations, our roster of participants are tackling different opportunities across the commerce ecosystem. 2016 Startup Pitch companies include: Brickwork, Cimagine, Cognilyze, Everfave, Fitted Solutions, Ideally, kwik, Meanbuy.com, Radius8, Reaction Commerce, reKindness, Shopic, Shopography, Skrownge and TUKU.

3 distinguished judges and 1 fantastic emcee
In addition to a great set of presenters, we also have 3 industry experts who will be serving as judges for the contest. We’re excited to introduce our 3 judges: Sanjit Dang, Investment Director, Intel Capital; Brooke Harley, Partner, Campfire Capital; and Mary Lou Kelley, President of E-commerce, Best Buy. The contest will be emceed by industry veteran Deborah Weinswig, Executive Director and Head Global Retail & Technology at Fung Business Intelligence Center.

2 hours of rapid-fire presentations
Our speakers will be presenting for just 3 minutes each, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A with the judges. The format is based on the one used at Money20/20 – this structure forces presenters to keep a laser-like focus on the most critical parts of their business and keeps the pace of the session fast.

2 winners crowned by the judges and the audience
Finally, we’ll be giving away 2 prizes of $25,000 each. One will be determined by the judges, the other by the members of the audience who will have a chance to vote on the companies they deem most promising. The winner will be determined based on the highest average audience score—he or she will take home one of the $25,000 prizes.

We encourage you to join us and hope to see you there!