Shoptalk is a catalyst for the digitization of retail and ecommerce. For more than 2 years, we’ve led the industry dialogue and defined the community of innovators. We’re excited to continue our mission into 2018 with three new categories of opportunities and experiences: (1) Global Coverage, (2) Grocerytalk and (3) Growth and Curation.

1. Global Coverage: Join A New Global Conversation & Community

In 2017, we focused on developing the blueprints for the future of retail and ecommerce for the U.S. and Europe. For 2018, we’re bringing Shoptalk and Shoptalk Europe together into a single expanded March Las Vegas event to create:

  • An unparalleled comprehensive global conversation, and
  • An unmatched unified global community of innovators.

This allows us to feature the leading technologies, trends and business models from all major global hubs—from London and Berlin to Tel Aviv, and from Silicon Valley and Bangalore to Shanghai—providing new perspectives from groundbreaking organizations both domestically and internationally. 

With an increase to 400+ speakers, we’re expanding the representation of disruptive tech and D2C startups, leading global brands, innovative retailers and more. The result is an unprecedented opportunity to gain a complete understanding of retail and ecommerce innovation, as well as to join an entirely new global community of innovators.

2. Grocerytalk: Go Deeper Into Grocery & CPG at Shoptalk

Shoptalk covers the evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy physical goods across all verticals, including fashion, electronics, beauty and home improvement. For 2018, we’ve introduced Grocerytalk, a new program that includes expanded content, networking and other unique experiences that focus on the latest technologies, trends and business models impacting the grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) sectors. 

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is supporting our development of and outreach for Grocerytalk.

3. Growth & Curation: Now The Largest Conference For Retail & Ecommerce Innovation

Shoptalk continues to grow quickly and our 2018 event will be the world’s largest conference for retail and ecommerce innovation. As we get bigger, we’re leveraging our scale to ensure a more curated and personalized experience.

Here are just some of the key growth metrics compared to 2017’s Shoptalk:

  1. 7,500+ attendees, including 700+ CEOs (40% increase)
  2. 400+ speakers (25% increase)
  3. 8,000+ curated onsite meetings (300% increase)
  4. 1,000+ individuals joining Shoptalk’s pioneering Hosted Retailers & Brands Program and Retailers & Brands Dinners (400% increase)
  5. 60+ countries represented (50% increase)