Introducing Tabletalks:
A New Deep Dive Program for 2019!

Join 1,000+ Retailers & Brands on 150+ Tabletalks
(No Sponsors. No Pay-to-Play. Just Peers.)

With Tabletalks, our proprietary technology and personalization algorithms
will match you like peas in a pod with 5-8 of your peers for deep dive discussions and learnings.

Shoptalk Tabletalks

Tabletalks are interactive peer-to-peer 45-minute roundtables that enable deep dive discussions and learnings by bringing together 5-8 individuals from retailers and brands to share insights, address issues and generate actionable takeaways that help drive their businesses forward.

Over 1,000 individuals from 500+ retailers and brands are expected to participate in over 150 Tabletalks.

Don’t miss out!

Each Tabletalk covers one of 10 topics, all of which are based on the industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities—you can join up to three:

  1. Digital Transformation of Retail Organizations
  2. The Future of the Retail Industry
  3. Attribution and Marketing ROI
  4. Next Generation Ecommerce and Omnichannel Retail
  5. Evaluating New Retail Technologies
  6. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning
  7. Store Layout and Design
  8. Improving Operational Efficiency
  9. Innovation Strategies for Brands and Retailers
  10. Building Brands for Today's Consumer

Tabletalks are powered by our unparalleled proprietary technology and personalization algorithms. We’re launching this deep dive program at Shoptalk following its overwhelming success at our sister event, Groceryshop, in October 2018 (click here to see photos of Tabletalks at Groceryshop).

Tabletalks will take place during Shoptalk on:

  • Sunday, March 3: 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
  • Monday, March 4: 7:30 am - 8:15 am
  • Tuesday, March 5: 1:50 pm - 2:35 pm
  • Wednesday, March 6: 8:45 am - 9:30 am

Tabletalks do not conflict with our regular agenda content.

Tabletalks are only open to attending retailers and brands. Invitations to join Tabletalks will be sent to qualifying registered retailer and brand attendees in early February.

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Here’s just some of the feedback we received about Tabletalks at Groceryshop from Johnson & Johnson, Hyland's, Justin’s, MillerCoors, Kimberly-Clark, The Coca-Cola Company, Kellogg, and Mars Wrigley Confectionery:

  • “Loved the Tabletalks session where I could discuss what's working/not working with other CPG companies & retailers. Would like more/longer opportunities.”
  • “I would attend more of these if we had the option. Gathered great information during our talk.”
  • “The Tabletalks were invaluable.”
  • “Tabletalks were extremely helpful. Wish there was more time. My curated group was engaged and we learned a lot from each other.”
  • “Tabletalks were very useful.”
  • “So well done!”
  • “Favorite Moments at Groceryshop: Tabletalks and Hosted dinner.”
  • “The Tabletalks were extremely valuable for creating more meaningful business relationships.”
  • “Want more Tabletalks! They were great!”