“The Industry’s Best Faculty!”

Tom Philipson, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Tom Philipson

Co-Founder & Managing Director, YourStudio

Tom thrives on the business of creativity and innovation, connecting and building relationships with some of the most progressive global brands. His passion for transformational change has led to working on international design projects, from global retail and consumer brands to uniquely experiential installations, he has a natural talent for interpreting design as well as understanding the client’s commercial needs. Tom is always on the look out for innovative and technological advancements that would be beneficial to YourStudio’s growing client base. YourStudio has created award-winning installations all over the world that deliver engaging, connected experiences. 

YourStudio was founded by Tom and his business partner Howard Sullivan ten years ago, they both work across their studios in London and Melbourne Australia with their sights set next on the States. As Managing Director of YourStudio, Tom leads business and the strategy team, ensuring the highest level of quality and creativity