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Eliad Inbar, Co-Founder & CEO

Eliad Inbar

Co-Founder & CEO, Tangiblee

Eliad Inbar is the Co-Founder and CEO at Tangiblee, a Chicago-based SaaS company in the e-Commerce space.  Tangiblee serves online retailers by optimizing the crucial step in the customer’s journey to check-out by transforming the product experience - specifically optimizing product engagement at the SKU level on every product detail page. Tangiblee is a Zero-Integration, enterprise-grade service that uses a retailer's existing product content and transforms every SKU into an interactive contextual experience - enabling consumers to make a confident decision about the product – as if they were trying on the item in-store. Confident shoppers convert more often, spend more money & return fewer items. 

Inbar has an extensive software development background with nearly 20 years of experience in software research & development, enterprise B2B sales, lead product design, and most notably overseeing software teams developing highly scalable enterprise platforms.

Inbar served as Enterprise Account Manager and Product Manager at RayV where here designed enterprise grade OTT solutions and sold them to the world's largest telecoms such as AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, and Verizon.

His initial experience in owning and leading a technology company started in 2012 when Inbar and his partner, Yevgeniy Kuznetsov, established Triple Next Technologies, a software development agency that built a series of platforms and products.  After working with a variety of clients and businesses, Inbar and Kuznetsov quickly identified opportunities within the retail space - specifically within the eCommerce industry.  In addition to their technology expertise and engineering backgrounds, Kuznetsov & Inbar’s shared passion for a rapidly growing eCommerce sector was how the duo was able to quickly identify its biggest challenges and opportunities.  By early 2015, Tangiblee (formerly named yRuler, Inc) was accepted into the TechStars Start-Up accelerator program in Chicago - providing the new company network and mentorship resources to help the fledgling company launch successfully.  Today, Inbar & the Tangiblee team continue to proudly call Chicago “home”.

Eliad holds an M.B.A and B.S.C. in Computer Science (Cum Laude) from Tel-Aviv University.  Inbar currently resides in the heart of downtown Chicago with his wife, Sharon, and their two children: 2 ½ year son, Michael, & 4-month-old daughter, Gili.