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Scott Perry, VP, Executive Director Digital & Omnichannel

Scott Perry

VP, Executive Director Digital & Omnichannel, Bob's Discount Furniture



My Name is Scott Perry, I have a serious passion for Ecommerce, Omnichannel, digital advertising and business in general. Being a business owner for most of my adult life, I am driven by success. My motto is "efficiency equals profitability". My businesses have sold hundreds of millions over the years. I am a tried and true ENTJ type personality.

Lately my mantra has been "remove friction and enhance the overall experience" when it comes to Omnichannel retail. Tools and systems I have been putting in place have made great strides towards that mantra, and I continue to innovate new ways to use technology for the ultimate customer retail experience.

23 Years and running....I have been involved in Internet / e-commerce since the infancy of the Internet in 1995. My business has been mostly centered around furniture, but I have also been a part of other Internet based businesses and industries. 

My first business venture was in 1995, I launched several furniture websites and ultimately the largest was OfficeFurniture.com and FurnitureOnline.com

Specialties: E-commerce, Omnichannel, Responsive Websites, Mobile Web, Mobile Advertising, Segmentation, Geo Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Public Speaking, Presentations, Selling on Amazon, Ebay, Google AdWords, Email Marketing, Website Design, Retargeting, CRM Software, Social Media, Online Marketing, Software Systems, Negotiations, Merchandising, Business, Team Management.