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Elpida Ormanidou, SVP, Insights & Analytics

Elpida Ormanidou

SVP, Insights & Analytics, Chico's FAS

Ms. Ormanidou joined Chico’s FAS in July 2016, to build and strengthen internal capability around advanced analytics, web analytics and testing. She established and currently leads AIMS (Analytics, Insights, and Measurement Sciences), the Data Science division that delivers advanced analytics capability as a competitive advantage. She leads a high performing, diverse and engaged group of data scientists and technical experts who drive Analytical Innovation in Retail – from new sources of data to advanced modeling methodologies. Since its inception, AIMS has been augmented to include Data Strategy, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the Customer & User Experience functions, adding speed and agility to the way modeling and insights influences business decisions.

The key focus of Ms. Ormanidou’s organization is to lead the company’s efforts to personalize each customer’s experiences across all “her” touchpoints, leaning heavily on advanced modeling techniques. AIMS is a hot bed of analytics, representing where Retail Science is going. Ms. Ormanidou’s analysts are empowered to make a difference without hierarchy. Many of the Chico’s FAS high -impact projects are incubated within our group.

Prior to Chico’s FAS, Ms. Ormanidou worked for Walmart for over 12 years.  She started her career at Sam’s Club as a member trends analyst, and with a team of internal and external scientists developed the analytical framework resulting in a member-centric organizational view.  She then worked as a senior pricing manager, before moving to Walmart U.S. and growing into a Global HR Analytics leadership role.

Ms. Ormanidou successfully stood up a team to standardize HR data analysis processes, making it faster and more accurate while ensuring confidentiality and data integrity. In addition, she managed Walmart’s global associate engagement program and supported Walmart’s Associate Opportunity strategies.  

Outside of work, Ms. Ormanidou enjoys spending time with her daughter Ioanna, painting and volunteering with local community support groups.

She has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and a master’s degree in transportation and logistics from the University of Arkansas.