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David Kestenbaum, Global Head, E-Commerce Strategy & Capabilities

David Kestenbaum

Global Head, E-Commerce Strategy & Capabilities, AB InBev / ZX Ventures

Based in New York City, David Kestenbaum is the Global Head of E-Commerce Strategy and Capabilities for ZX Ventures, the disruptive growth arm of AB InBev.  In his current role, David is responsible for strategy, resource allocation, and knowledge management covering e-commerce businesses in 20+ countries.  He is also responsible for innovation and expansion, seeding and invests in early stage businesses that can help AB InBev thrive in a digital world.  Prior to his current role, David led e-commerce operations in Mexico and launched globally the online key accounts channel for AB InBev as part of ZX Ventures.  David has also held various strategic and commercial planning roles with AB InBev, both in the U.S. and at AB InBev’s global headquarters.  David holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and BBA in Finance from University of Texas at Austin.