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Michael Falck, Co-Founder & President, North America

Michael Falck

Co-Founder & President, North America, Relex Solutions

Michael Falck is President of RELEX Solutions North America. RELEX is a leading provider of unified retail and supply chain planning solutions that deliver precise demand forecasting, automated replenishment, revolutionary assortment and space optimization, and workforce optimization. RELEX helps businesses around the world plan better, sell more and waste less, however fast the market changes.

Mr. Falck, a respected authority on retail supply chain planning, began his supply chain career in scientific research at Helsinki University of Technology. His research pioneered the development of models for forecasting promotional demand in grocery retail. In 2005, he co-founded RELEX Solutions with Mikko Kärkkäinen and Johanna Småros and since then has worked extensively with leading retailers across Europe and North America.