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Emre Baran, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Emre Baran

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Qubit

Emre Baran is the current founder and chief technology officer of Qubit, the leader in marketing personalization technology. The most forward-thinking retail, travel and online gaming brands have been using Qubit since 2010 to build experiences that surprise and delight their customers, keeping visitor journeys relevant, engaging and personalized.

In 2018, Qubit’s platform influenced over $40 billion of retail revenue and delivered more than 60 billion experiences.

Baran sits at the heart of the global product and engineering team, overseeing platform development, infrastructure provision, machine-learning priorities and setting the worldwide strategy for the business.

A typical day might see him consulting with the data science teams on the next areas of innovation, advising Google Cloud Platform on future trends and industry-demands, and collaborating with enterprise businesses on their strategic roadmaps for customer experience.  

Prior to Qubit, Baran was part of the product management team that built Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Creating large scale artificial intelligence and analytics systems for businesses to automate their Google technology.

Founding businesses is in Baran’s blood, when, with Yonja.com he quickly grew the business to become the largest social network in his native, Turkey.

Baran holds a degree in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from INSEAD.