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Philip Thompson, World Wide Technology Leader – AWS Retail

Philip Thompson

World Wide Technology Leader – AWS Retail, Amazon

Philip’s background has been deep-rooted in ERP and Ecommerce technologies since the mid 1990’s giving him exceptionally strong business acumen.  As a consultant in the 1990’s - 2000’s - he most often served as a Chief Architect or CTO, engineering software products and integrated ecommerce platforms for many small, medium, and large (Fortune) companies transitioning their global businesses online.  After successfully selling his company in 2009, he joined Fossil Group where his responsibilities included digital transformation across Fossil Group’s portfolio of brands helping the company grow from $1B in revenue to over $3.5B in revenue in just 3 years. Following this success, Philip became CTO of Fossil Group tasked with driving world-class innovation and technology where his efforts included running “Fossil Ventures” M&A group, as well as incubating and “rebooting” Fossil’s 15-year-old smartwatch / wearable technology division that quickly grew Fossil Group into one of the world’s largest smartwatch companies. In 2018, Philip joined Amazon Web Services as the Worldwide Tech Leader for Retail where his responsibilities include driving innovative solutions for AWS Retail & Ecommerce customers worldwide and developing the AWS Retail (technical) vision, strategic plan, and product roadmap.  Innovative retail solutions involve the full stack of AWS products/services such as Machine Learning, IOT, AR/VR, and Blockchain, in addition to all of the existing highly scalable AWS cloud services. AWS customers include Amazon.com, Amazon Go, Amazon Books, and Amazon Fresh as well as the thousands of AWS retail / ecommerce companies in over 200 countries.

To learn more about AWS Retail visit https://aws.amazon.com/retail