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Kent Salisbury, VP, Marketing

Kent Salisbury

VP, Marketing, Overstock

As Overstock.com’s Vice President of Digital Marketing, Kent is responsible for many of the company's digital and promotional marketing strategies.

Salisbury started at Overstock in 2010 in analytics and managed planning, pricing and forecasting of the home and apparel categories. He managed a team of analysts for a few years before moving and leading a team in the marketing analytics department. He later became a marketing director in 2014. In this role, he led the company's email, affiliate, direct mail, lead generation promotional, site offer, page optimization and omni-channel marketing programs.

During this time, Overstock embarked on one of the most consistent revenue and net income growth periods in its history. In 2018, Salisbury was named Vice President of Push Marketing.

With 10+ years in E-commerce/retail, his passion is in building strategy by leveraging data, technology and digital talent to produce a relevant and cohesive customer experience across the website. Prior to joining Overstock, Kent received his MBA at the University of Utah.