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James Reinhart, Founder & CEO

James Reinhart

Founder & CEO, thredUP

James Reinhart is CEO and Co-Founder of thredUP.com, the leading online marketplace for like-new women’s and kids’ clothing. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, where he was a Bill George Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership and an HBS Goldsmith Fellow in Social Enterprise. Prior to graduate school, while working in the Bay Area, James helped build one of the nation's premier public schools, Pacific Collegiate School, that was named the #3 school in America by US News & World Report. Following Pacific Collegiate, he co-founded Beacon Education Network, a charter management and school turnaround organization. A passionate entrepreneur and educator, James often writes about juggling work, life and health from thredUP’s office in San Francisco. James is a product of New Jersey public schools and Boston College, and currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife Michele and their three young children.