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David J. Katz, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer

David J. Katz

EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Randa Accessories

David J. Katz is executive vice president, chief marketing officer (and alchemist-in-residence) at Randa Accessories, a leading multi-national consumer products business, and one of the world’s largest accessories companies. His specialty is working with brands, retailers and consumers to innovate successful outcomes in evolving markets.  

Named a “Top Voice in Retail” by LinkedIn, a fashion industry “Change Agent” by Women's Wear Daily, a leading "Menswear Mover" by MR Magazine, and a “Retail Radical” by The Robin Report, he has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Business of Fashion, Business Insider, WWD, New York Magazine, and other publications and podcasts. 

Co-author of a best-selling book, David is a prolific writer and public speaker on disruption, innovation, technology, choices and their effect on consumer behavior. 

David is a graduate of Tufts University (in neuroscience) and the Harvard Business School. A student of “stimulus and response,” for David the name Pavlov rings a bell.

ALCHEMY: A science or philosophy that transforms something ordinary into something meaningful, often through mysterious means.